Many months ago, I started a blog called Warm Corners.  It was supposed to be my take on the many aggregate decor blogs I read.  While this gave a purpose to my obsessive reading of these blogs, it wasn’t really what I wanted to do with my time.  I deleted it because I wanted to make the things I saw, hone my skills at refinishing and reupholstery, and have place to show off the projects my fiancé, Matt, and I have been working on for the last 2 years, with no end in sight.

So here it is: the Snicklenose blog.  Snicklenose is a nickname my mother gave me when I was very young.  She’d call me that when I would do something out of the blue, never having tried it before, and somehow make it work.  Don’t ask me what it means. If you know my mother at all, you’ll remember that she likes to make up exclamations and nicknames.  I think it’s part of her Finnish heritage – the people there curse you with “Satan’s farts” after all.

My first posted project is one I began nearly 5 years ago.  I was given an antique chair by my grandmother, after I mentioned during a visit that it fit my back perfectly.  It was in horrible shape – dirty, crazing shellac on the dark-finished wood, ripped and fading cotton upholstery on the seat pad with the horsehair stuffing coming out.  Still, I loved its three-legged half-barrel shape, and the way it fit me so naturally.  There’s some speculation about its origins.  It came from my grandfather’s family, and may have belonged to his great-grandfather, Joseph Lane, the first governor of the Oregon Territory. Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph it before I stripped it of its finish and upholstery (which had apparently been re-upholstered in Seattle in 1937, according to a tag I found inside).  I stopped working on it in 2007, before a move to a new apartment, and didn’t start tackling it again until Matt and I were cleaning out our basement a few months ago.

Yesterday I finally finished it. I’m sure it’s a far cry from what Governor Lane would have preferred, but it suits me fine and it fits in nicely with my vision for our living room.  Granted, out of 7 major pieces of furniture in that room, it’s the only thing 100% done….yikes.  We’d better get working!

I think it fitting that my first project post (which I’ll write later today, when I have photos of the finished chair) is the project I’d been working on the longest.  We’ve got many more to finish in just the living room, including our main sofa, a smaller sofa, a sideboard, a TV/Media solution, an armoire that holds my iMac and our home office supplies, and a slightly wobbly bookshelf.  It’s a start, anyway, and you have to start somewhere.

Hope you enjoy hearing about what we’re working on!

Arthur hopes you stop by and check in, too!


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