Hung Like a 32″ LCD TV

Since we’ve been updating and rearranging our living space, Ginger and I wanted a new home for our TV.  We’ve been using a boring, utilitarian stand since we moved in.  Frankly, we’ve been meaning to replace it for a long time, but it was low on our priority list.

Ginger read a blog entry for hanging an LCD TV from an Ikea Stolmen pole.  Using it as inspiration, we devised our own, similar method for hanging our TV.

We made mounts on the back of the TV by bolting aluminum angle iron onto the built-in mounting points.  The angle iron came from Home Depot, and we cut it to size and drilled all the holes.  There are rubber washers between the aluminum and the TV to help protect the plastic, and we bolted half of the Stolmen collars onto the TV hardware.

It took some finagling, but we go the TV mounted on the pole.  The clamps are quite secure, and it seems to be holding the TV very well.

And here’s the final result!  We got another stand from Ikea for the computer and cable box and stuff.  It’s smaller, and a nicer color than the solver.  (And it was pretty cheap.)  We have another lamp to hang behind the TV to light up the corner, and we’re going to wrap the post in fabric so it doesn’t look as industrial.


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