A few quick projects

We’ve been pretty busy here at Chez Gray, so pardon the sparse posting.  We have two nieces who had birthdays over the past few weeks.  Miss Teagan (who lives with her parents and puppy in Massachusetts) turned 1 on May 29.  Miss Natalie (who lives with her parents, little brother, two puppies, three kitties, and an enormous remora fish) turned 4 on June 1.  We decided to make them some teeshirts that played on the first letter of their names, since learning the alphabet is so important.  We didn’t want just any words though, so we made some tees with slightly odd associative words.

Unfortunately, we forgot to shoot the shirts that Matt made for Teagan.  Maybe her parents or grandparents will be so kind as to take photos of her in them so we can post them?  =)

Here are the tank tops I made for Natalie.  (If you’re wondering, the blank shirts are the “All the Time” tanks from the Hanna Andersson outlet in Woodinville, WA, but there’s also a regular store in University Village in Seattle, and they’re online for $10.  I think they were $5 each at the outlet!)

N is for nigiri

N is for Neapolitan

We make the designs by making freezer paper stencils for the basic shapes, then using soft fabric paints to fill in and shade the shapes.  There’s some opalescent glitter in the rice on the nigiri design, and on the ice cream glass on the Neapolitan design.

Matt’s designs for Teagan were a Tiger on a tank with orange and white stripes, and on a blue tank he made “T is for tentacles!”  I can’t wait to see them on her!

Feeling a little jealous of my nieces’ new tanks, I made a simple tank for myself out of some amazing wrinkle resistant cotton I stumbled upon at Jo-Ann Fabrics in Lynnwood.  I made it WAY too big at first, but figured out how to tailor it so at least the arm holes and neckline are well-fitted.  It’s VERY roomy otherwise, and slightly unflatteringly so, but throw a cute cardigan over it and it suits me nicely.  I’m falling in love with this coral color….it’s about the closest to pink I’ll ever wear!

I used zigzag topstiching  and a white satin ribbon for the straps.

My last quick project for this post was to finally change out the knobs on our IKEA Alve workstation armoire.  The knobs that came with it were tiny, blended in with the cabinet too much, and were frankly boring.  After haunting Anthropologie for nearly an hour, we decided on some cute porcelain knobs that will go nicely with the “Around the World in 80 Days” themed panels we have planned for the armoire’s doors.

These were for the tall top doors, but for the bottom doors, we got some coordinating knobs that are unavailable on the website.  They’re porcelain, with a black and silver fleur-de-lis/compass rose pattern on them.  The photos I took of the armoire with the new knobs are un-postable, so you’ll either have to imagine them, or come over for a peep at them yourself, and stay for a beer while you’re at it.

In the meantime…..progress is being made on our organization projects, the camelback sofa, and our Art Deco sideboard.  More to come soon!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by yvonne on June 20, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    nigiri!!! i wish you were MY cool aunt! i also wish we could do crafts together.


  2. […] enjoy a die-cutter that would cut out our own designs on, say, freezer paper so we could make our freezer paper stenciled teeshirts (we’ve made gifts for our nieces and nephew 4 times already), plus have a saved design in […]


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