Quick Project #1

Though we haven’t made much progress on the big projects (we ran out of staples when upholstering, then had a month of entertaining that left us with no time to get back to it!), we have been doing little projects.  I’ll be featuring these every so often so people can see that having a handmade home doesn’t have to take a whole weekend per project.

Today’s project is room spray.

I’m super picky when it comes to fragrances.  I have an extremely sensitive nose, and can barely stand most commercial fragrances, whether they’re in soap, room spray, laundry or dish detergent, moisturizer, etc.  When I find one I love, I make sure to stock up – like Basil dishwashing soap from Mrs. Meyers, and Kiss My Face’s Lavender Chamomile foaming liquid hand soap.  I have yet to find many candles or room sprays I like, however, that do not break the bank.  So I make them.  I will post a tutorial on easy soy-wax candles when I make another batch, but for now I’ll show you the simpler, cheaper way to make a custom room spray.

First off, you should locate a good supplier of fragrance oils, essential oils, perfumer’s supplies, soapmaking supplies, etc.  Since we live in Seattle, we are lucky to have Zenith Supplies just over in the University District, on Roosevelt Avenue, just around the corner from Whole Foods.   If you’re not in Seattle, they also have an online order form, or you can look for another online or local source. Here’s a few from a quick Google search:





Choose a fragrance, or a few fragrances to mix to your own liking.  You’ll need 2 oz fragrance for an 8 oz bottle like the one above.  Zenith (and the online stores above) sells bottles and spray pumps, too.  This combo cost about $2.50.  Fragrance oils are synthetic concoctions, while essential oils are natural fragrances extracted from various plants.  Not all fragrances are available 100% natural, like the one I chose – Tomato Leaf.  The bottle shown is $5 for 4 oz.  I’d used half of it when making candles last summer, and finished it off here.

How to make it:

Mix 2 oz fragrance with 6 oz perfumer’s alcohol and blend well in the bottle.  That’s it.

It’s a simple 1:3 formula, in case you want to make larger or smaller batches.  It’s that easy!  The scent is surprisingly long lasting, and you know exactly what’s in it!  Safe for kids and pets, and I find it doesn’t leave a residue like commercial brands like Glade or Febreeze.  There’s also an infinite number of fragrance options, whether pre-mixed, or mixed by you!

I just spotted an Earl Grey Tea scent on their website…that might be my next batch!


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by yvonne on October 15, 2010 at 8:52 am

    i want to live under your sofa and do crafts every day! earl grey ::sigh::


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