overcoming motivational hazards

It’s probably no surprise that I haven’t posted on this blog for nearly two months.  It’s difficult to keep posting when planning a wedding, working (nearly) full time, and taking care of my health — which right now amounts to a part time job.  We have been diligently working on projects since last posting, and we have photos of the projects in progress, but finding the energy to sit down and blog about them is hard.

In hopes of doing more projects and sharing them more, Matt and I have instituted “Project Night,” where once a week (to start) we have to spend an hour on projects or project related activities, like planning, researching, or blogging.  We had our first one last night, Thursday, which is a gym night for us.  When we got back from our workout, I started dinner while Matt showered, then we ate at the table (rather than the sofa).  I put a record on the turntable and from dinner until about 9 pm, we worked on our own little projects.

Matt sat quietly and worked on a web re-design project.  We’re doing it for one of my art clients in exchange for one of her pieces (it’s not done yet at all, so don’t judge the site yet).  Over the course of the hour+ I was able to finally re-string a necklace/bracelet my sister gave me last Christmas (I loved the beads, but it was an odd coil bracelet I preferred as a long necklace), flip through a huge stack of mail-order catalogs and toss them all (except the one that had cute wide-calf boots [I blame 10 years of soccer for my calves!]), and made pumpkin cookies (scoop and drop pre-made dough from Cougar Mountain Bakery).

I also puttered around looking for things in our office/studio, and realized that we are not so organized when it comes to arts and crafts supplies.  I nearly started on about 6 things, but couldn’t find the equipment or got distracted by finding the supplies for another project, so gave up.  Lightbulb moment, really.  If only we had everything as organized as it should be…..if only we didn’t ferret stuff away in the office/studio when we have people over….if only I could make a list of the projects I want to work on and then cross them off as I go so I don’t wander around the house aimlessly for an hour every Thursday night….

So in an attempt to get me out of the project doldrums, I have decided to make a list of the projects (not wedding-related) I want to do — things I’ve seen on blogs, stuff I’ve started but not finished, things that should be fixed or replaced in our house, stuff I’d like to list in my Etsy store, gifts I’d like to make, etc.  I’ll have it posted on a second page here on the blog, in no priority order, cross items off the list as I go, adding the date completed, and hopefully a link to the blog post about it, or at least a photo!  I’ll organize it by the list above, so it’ll be easier to wrap my brain around.  Mostly the list will be for me, but it might be fun for you to see what kinds of crazy things I try, and I’ll definitely post tutorials and tips if there’s some kind of breakthrough!

It feels scary and exciting to list everything I want to do….it’ll probably make me look a little crazy, but hopefully it’ll make me feel more productive and less ineffectual.

Stay tuned!


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  1. Posted by Jenni on October 8, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    I you say cute wide-calf boots?!? WHERE???????

    I dare not hope too much. Even wide-calf boots are usually at least an inch too narrow for these massive calves. *sigh*


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