Project: New Clothes

As most of you who know me are aware, I’ve been going through recovery of a chronic hormonal illness that has effected my joints and energy, caused chronic pain, damaged my digestive system, and totally screwed with my weight over the years.  Over the last several months, I’ve gone on hormone injections, off cholesterol meds, and I’m now seeing a naturopath, a massage therapist, and a cranio-sacral therapist in addition to my internist and neuroendocronologist.  I’ve been working out at least once per week since June, and at least twice per week since joining a gym in early September.  So far, there’s been a good deal of energy and well-being progress, but I wasn’t sure there was any physical change in regards to my weight.

Craniosacral Therapy is awesome.

Well, not so.  As of today, I’ve lost 20 pounds since my neuro check up in June, which was my highest weight ever (that I knew of).  My clothes are fitting looser, and as such, I’m also noticing how worn out everything looks.  It’s time to go shopping for who I am now – the healing, renewing, metamorphosing Ginger.  The only problems I foresee are money related. I have a monthly clothing budget of $65 $100 apparently, which can be rolled over to the next month if I go over, but it limits the amount I can spend per month.  I also have $50 per week of personal spending money I can use, but that’s all the money I have for personal spending, period.  Half of me wants to get a low interest credit card to use only for clothing, using my budgeted amount to pay the monthly dies, but I’m concerned about getting another credit card (I got rid of all of mine a few years ago to force me to live within my means) and all that comes with it.  I want to be able to be responsible about this.

One option is to try to make what I want.  That’s pretty tough, because most of what I want are basics.  I’m definitely a uniform dresser:  I find a really great shirt or jeans or shoes, and I buy one in every color I like.  I have the same long-sleeved tee from Target in 4 colors, the same 3/4 sleeved cotton cardigan in 5 colors, the same bootcut jeans in 2 colors, and I really would like to have the same Minnetonka moccasins in 3 colors.  I find that it’s easier to put together an outfit if I have good basics to work with, and then I can go crazy with scarves, tights, or jewelry (that don’t have to cost a lot to pack a punch).  It’s also A LOT easier to make my own accessories than it is to sew well-fitting clothes.  When something really special comes along, like an amazing sweater or coat, it’s also easier to fit it into your current wardrobe.

My problem right now is that I hate most of what I own.  Either something never fit right, or it’s been worn about 100,000 times (and shows), or  it’s just not me anymore.  I want to push myself a little more to find things to wear that are really me-now/challenging/expressing, instead of me then/safe/hiding.  I am drawn to classic clothing, solid dark colors, and modest cuts, but I still want to wear things that are flattering and detailed without being ostentatious.

Well, I’ve decided to start another To-Do list on this blog – called “Project: New Clothes”.  I’ll post photos of clothing I want to buy, in an effort to help me save up for things I really want instead of going nuts on cheap basics at Target.  I’ll post if I bought the item, made it (with a link to a photo in the blog), lost interest, or if for whatever reason can’t have it (out of stock, etc).

Let’s see how it works….


I let this stew over in my head a while then talked to Matt about it.  I didn’t beg for more clothing money, I calmly and rationally discussed how my clothing spending habits really work out to be more Fall-Spring shopping sprees than regularly spending $100 per month.  So we’ll be looking at our cash flow for the fall, and see when I can make a few purchases all at once, instead of one at a time.  Another awesome plan, also to act as an incentive to me finishing projects, is that I will be able to be reimbursed for materials costs spent from my personal account when I finish an article of clothing I make myself!

In all, I’m pretty happy with the new arrangement.  I’ll be buying the corset-back trench coat, green dress, and black tall boots within the month.  I’ve changed my mind (again) about the color of coat I want.  I felt like I would be perpetuating a style rut if I bought the navy version, but didn’t really like the dullness of the khaki.  The khaki made it easier to see the detailing of the coat, but I’d probably resent the dull color and not wear it as much.  So I’m buying the navy, and will change out the corset lacing for some in a brighter, contrasting color – like red or yellow or ivory – and maybe change out the front buttons, if not those at the cuffs as well.  I think it’ll be more me, more playful, and pretty darn cool.

Yay for new clothes!


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  1. Posted by yvonne on October 14, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    i’m so happy for you! your wedding is going to be awesome 🙂


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