Explaining the Blanket Coat thing….

So, one of the items I listed on my clothing wish list is a Southwestern Blanket Coat.  An odd choice for me, but that’s ok.  I’m not sure I would wear it in public if it really was that tacky, but I’m intrigued by the idea of learning to make a coat from a simple pattern and thick fabric.

Yes, I am jumping on the SW Native motif hipster trendwagon, but I really do like the colors, textures, and designwork.  I work for a Native American artist, just helped him design a Pendleton blanket – it makes sense that my aesthetic would drift in that direction.  Plus, I will wear Minnetonka Moccasins until I’m 90.  I love them.

(Images from awesome blog Going Home to Roost.)

So, I’d like to try my hand at the blanket coat.  I’m thinking of going with a modern Pendleton look, but I won’t be cutting up Pendleton wool for this.  I like the shawl collar, and the one button closure.  Mostly it looks comfortable and warm, and yes, a little trendy.  At nearly $400, though, it’s not really a gamble I want to take in the name of fickle fashion.

Cute, huh?

While looking around for SW accessories online, I found a source for SW fabric – namely polar fleece.  Easy to sew, no fraying, warm, and relatively cheap, I think I’ll be ordering the design below:

Canyon Fleece in Black

I really wanted to get something brighter turquoise:

Canyon Fleece in Turquoise

but I just can’t bring myself to go that nuts.  The black still has all of the colors I want, but it’ll be much subtler, and I’ll be more likely to actually wear it.

I’ve found a few mountain-man wannabe websites that have instructions and patterns on how to make the coats, but I’m going to keep looking until I can really visualize it.

P.S.  If someone can find me the fabric in this chick’s skirt, or something approaching it, I will be forever grateful.  I LOVE it. (More photos of it when you click the photo!)

From neato fashion blog {Second Skin}


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