Most Productive Weekend EVER

This weekend we (but mostly I):

  • Finished my part of the sofa reupholstery (finished putting 300 decorative nails in the back of the sofa, placed front right arm panel – it had been a year since I’d done the rest!)
  • Finished one of the decoupaged side-tables, started and almost finished the other one (involves decoupaging a map to the table top, painting the table edge and legs, layering lots and lots of Mod Podge)
  • Painted the front door (I may need to do this differently again sometime – it matched, but is noticeable where I sprayed)
  • Made a spiderweb decoration for the front door with a doily and an embroidery hoop
  • Bought all of our produce at the Ballard Sunday Farmers’ Market (plus wild boar-stuffed pasta!)
  • Bought and installed shepherd’s hooks and bird feeders (outside the windows so Arthur can watch them)
  • Matt made great progress on the website for our artist client
  • Planned the menu for the week, plus a gathering at the weekend for my bridal party; did all the grocery shopping for the week
  • Painted our cell-phone recharging station
  • Hung cute stained glass lanterns in the bathroom and bedroom
  • Cleaned up my half of our bedroom
  • Did dishes and cleaned out the fridge
  • Did 4 loads of laundry
  • Removed the dead tomato plants from the porch (to make way for little trees)
  • Bought new socks
  • Ate breakfast at Cyndy’s Pancake House
  • Went to Uwajimaya to grab dinner fixings and sake.  Our favorite is the sparkling sake that tastes like banana flowers
  • Finished Season 2 of Dexter on Netflix
  • Crashed and burned.  Took long hot shower.  Made Matt cook dinner.

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