Project: New Clothes Update

I have made some updates to my Project: New Clothes page!

I finally purchased the black knee high boots from Ulla Popken.

Overall, I am pleased with them.  They’re super light-weight, which is good when walking around for a long time.  My cowboy boots weigh like 5 lbs each, so they can get a little heavy after a day’s wear.  The reason they’re so lightweight is that they are not real leather.  A bummer, quality-wise, but I only spent like $36 on them instead of the original $80.  This is why I ALWAYS buy things on sale.  9 times out of 10, it’s not worth what you pay for it, so buy it cheap!  The wide-calf fits really well, though I wouldn’t mind even a little more room.  Perfect with tights, but I’ll never be able to tuck in pants.  Not really my style, so I’m not bothered too much, but a pain if I wanted to try it.  Maybe I should start playing with the leggings/short dress thing this winter….

My only real complaint is that there is zero cushioning inside the shoe.  I wore these for a day and they weren’t horrible on my feet, but they certainly didn’t do them any favors.  A decent pair of gel insoles should do the trick, so thankfully there’s more than enough room in the foot section of the boot to add them.  They look cute, and this is the first pair of knee-high boots I’ve ever had that didn’t give my fingers blisters when zipping them up!  (That was when I was in college and it hadn’t even occurred to me that 7 years of soccer would effect the size of my calves.  Who knew muscles weren’t in fashion?!?)

My next purchase was this new coat from Asos…First, it sold out in my size in both colors.  GRRR.  I could probably wear the available size (which does fit my measurements) but I didn’t know if I’d be able to wear anything under it.  I jumped at the chance to buy it when I saw the khaki version become available in my size randomly one Tuesday morning.  I didn’t care that it wasn’t the Navy I’d previously been eyeing, but I was afraid it might be too dusty of a color for my complexion.  Then got really excited about possibly overdyeing it a richer green color – more cedar green than olive drab. The following day, Asos emailed an apology and a refund notice, explaining that it was just a fluke the website said the coat was available in my size.  It was available in both colors in one size down –  which was actually the size I should have ordered based on my measurements.  It wigged me out to be ordering a whole size smaller than I have been in a year.  I think I got a little shell-shocked, but I figured if it doesn’t fit, I can send it back or sell it on.  It’s not the end of the world if I order something and it doesn’t fit.  So I ordered the Navy one in the new size, and a day later all of the coats were gone.  It’s in the mail, so I’ll post an update when it comes.

I still worry that it won’t allow much extra room in the fit, but outerwear sizing usually adds a couple of inches to the measurements to be sure you can wear clothing under it.  I learned that from studying ModCloth’s website.  They post actual clothing measurements for every item in every size.  It’s VERY reassuring.  We’ll see how this one works, I guess.  I still want to change the color of the lacing and possibly add some contrasting trim.  It’s a cute coat, but not cute enough yet.

If that wasn’t enough, I was finally able to purchase my favorite dress to dye!  In May, I bought the dress in Navy (which has long since been sold out, but the other colors were slowly dropping in price).  I waited long enough for the dresses to go on clearance, then bought two in white so I could dye them in two of my other favorite colors.

I’ll be using Jacquard’s iDye for Natural Fibers in #430 Silver Gray and #406 Golden Yellow.

I may keep an eye on the Lands’ End clearance site to see if these dresses drop even further in price (I picked them up for $39, originally $89) and get a couple more white ones to dye, since I hate their other color options.  They’re great basics that can be dressed up or down with shoes and accessories, and though they are thin cotton, they are roomy enough to add a bottom layer and a sweater on top plus tights to make them fall and winter friendly!

I have to say, I am in love with iDye.  It doesn’t have such horrid speckling issues like RIT Dye has (I’ve ruined more with RIT than I’ve made better) and it’s idiot proof.  The packet dissolves in the wash, and when I tried the silver gray on some linen fabric yesterday, it turned out the perfect medium gray.  I’m kind of in love with it.  I am already planning to use the color for several more projects.

The cool thing about all of this purchasing, though, is that I’m within budget.  I’m hitting my $100 budget for November (already), but I’m doing pretty well with it.  Depending on cash flow, I might be able to take care of several more clothing projects and purchases before Christmas!


4 responses to this post.

  1. So, how wide are these wide-calf boots? Do you know what they are in inches? I have found, oh, two pairs of boots in my entire life that I can even zip (wide-calf included!!), and I’m still desperate for a pair I can tuck pants into. Not that I ever would, but a girl can dream!!!


    • Posted by bellecoeurwedding on November 8, 2010 at 3:16 pm

      Hi! They’re pretty decent at 17″ in circumference, and my calves, depending on the time of day, where I am in my cycle, and my body temperature, range from 16.5″ to 17.5″ around. I hate when boots get called wide-calf at only 15″!

      I’m still at a loss for where to find boots I can tuck pants into, but I’m not really into the skinny jean thing and tucking boot cut jeans into anything is a bad idea. That’s why they’re boot cut – to go over boots. Zappos has some boots by Ros Hommerson that look like they’d do the trick, but they’re pretty pricey at $158. They’ve got a 20″ circumference!

      What I really need are rubber boots or wellies that I can tuck my pants into, so I can go tromping around wetlands trails! Got any suggestions?


  2. Posted by Erin on November 9, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    I also love iDye! Make sure you use the stovetop method if you’re going for a brilliant color (like the bright yellow above). I made that mistake & ended up with some clothing items where “Royal Blue” actually mean dusty light blue using the washing machine method. I used the stovetop method the second time & it totally worked brilliantly! If you need a dye pot you can borrow mine 🙂


    • Posted by bellecoeurwedding on November 11, 2010 at 10:50 am

      Noted. I think I’m good on the dye pot. I’ll be using the stovetop method for both of the dresses, but our duvet cover might be a bit too big to fit, so I’ll do the washing machine method there. I’m also a little worried that because our duvet cover is essentially a double layer of fabric it won’t take the dye very well – like it’ll be lighter. But nowhere on the iDye package does it say to use two packs. I kind of want to mix the Silver Gray with the Gun Metal Gray for the duvet cover and see what happens, but I guess I can always dye it the one color then overdye with the other….sigh! Yes, these are the thoughts that keep me up at night, bugging Matt.


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