Project: New Clothes ~ Red or Green???

After an attempt about a month ago to get a proxy in England to ship “only in the UK” wellington boots to me (thanks for the offer, Lara!), only to give up after finding out that the reason Hunter wellies cost $75 more in the US is because it costs $75 to ship them here, I have found a solution!!!

My friend Michael, who I’ve known since we were nerdy 3rd graders in the Olympia School District’s nerdy kid “gifted program,” lives in Oxford and has offered to bring back boots for me when he comes home for the holidays. A-may-sing.  Perfect!  Thank you Michael!!!

But now I have a dilemma.  I had thought that the adjustable calf Hunter wellies only came in green, navy, or black – out of which the obvious answer (for me anyway) was GREEN.  But now,  I found them in my size in purple, pink, and red as well.  Obviously I’m not going with the purple or pink (cute, but not really me), but now I am torn between the green and red.

Classic Green?

Or Sassy Red?

What do you think???

No, I can’t afford to buy both.

75% of the time, they’ll be used for legitimately wet weather conditions, but I would like them to be cute enough to wear with a dress in the spring.

I’m ordering them on Friday, when a paycheck gets deposited, so I would love some opinions before then!  HELP!


UPDATE:  I went with the red.  =)


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