New shoes, new dresses….

Slowly but surely, this season, I’ve been making headway in my quest for clothes that fit – both physically and metaphysically.  I am finding my inner professional, albeit a quirky professional, and I’m finding that the clothes are making me more confident.  Dropping a whole clothing size since August doesn’t hurt either…

Old news:

I finally was able to dye those two white Lands End dresses I bought.   The yellow color came out a little more tangerine than I’d hoped, but it’s still pretty.  The gray came out quite a bit lighter than I’d wanted, but I think it’s a nice contrast to both of the intense colors I already have.  I am thinking, however, that I will embellish both of the new colors slightly, in sort of an homage to the style of UK mail order catalog Boden.  They’ll make some item of clothing in like 3-4 colors, but change up the embellishment on each color, and make it slightly unique.  It’s a cool way to make a “uniform” wardrobe a little more interesting.  I’m cutting freezer paper stencils today for the yellow dress;  they’ll be clusters of falling gingko leaves in a tonal yellow, just on a couple of places on the skirt.  For the gray dress, I’m going to add a little lace trim to the bottom of the skirt and the empire waist.  I haven’t quite decided on white or dark gray lace yet, but I don’t really have a deadline.  I can play with both for a bit before committing.

Who knew magenta was a good redhead color???


I’ve also decided that I like this dress so much that I would like to try my hand at making some with different fabrics based on the same pattern!  I was able to score another of the dresses today (in my most random new favorite color – magenta) for only $25 with an online coupon.  I’m going to use it to trace and make a tagboard sewing pattern.  I’d really like to make a few in lined wool or tweed, then maybe some jersey knit versions – maybe adding sleeves to some?  I’m inspired by this….

The navy Asos corset coat also came….it is a little snug, like I’d been worried about, but it will button and it doesn’t pull across my chest visibly, so I’m keeping it.  Perhaps all this weekly working out will help it fit a little better in a few months.  I am glad I have something like that, though – a goal garment – because my doctors tell me that my size and shape will change much more than the numbers on the scale as I continue to recover.  It’s a little landmark that I can check in with that won’t bum me out too much if I’m not on track.

New news:

I’ve decided to go with the red Hunter adjustable wellies.  I had to have my friend Michael order them, because the site required UK contact info and credit cards.  They ended up about $95 US after shipping, which is pretty good for Hunters.  I picked them out from Welly Warehouse, which specializes in all wellies but has a great selection of wide-calf gum boots.  I’m pretty excited for them to arrive, so I can finally take Matt on a walk through the Nisqually Delta nature preserve, near where I grew up, and NOT end up muddy and wet up to my knees.  Also, they will look really cute in the spring with dresses!

On a whim today, Matt and I stopped into Market Street Shoes in Ballard, looking for comfortable (but quirkily cute) shoes that I might be able to wear for the wedding.  My sojourn to John Fluevog yesterday yielded no results, save for a better understanding of my oddly shaped feet.  They’re muscular and strong, not narrow but not terribly wide (C width, which is hard to find!), with high arches and high insteps.  I usually can’t handle much more than a 2.5″ heel if I’m to wear them all day, but flats will hurt me just as much.  The most comfortable dressy shoes I own right now are my (very summery) Clark’s Wellfleet T-bar sandals, which have a 2″ heel and a 3/4″ platform.  They’re out of season right now, and may not be rereleased next spring, so I’ve been keeping my eyes open for them on clearance with little luck.  Back to Ballard….I stumbled upon a couple of pairs of Tsubo Acrea heels (of Already Pretty fame).  I’d seen Sal wear them on her blog MANY a time – seriously, she must have them in 10 colors – and was intrigued.  They look hot, in a sexy structured modern way, but are they comfortable?

Why yes, yes they are.  I scored them for $94, which is nearly $40 off of their normal price in the store, AND they were the last of only two pairs.  I tried on these black mottled ones in a size 9, and a pink mottled version in a 9.5, and they felt much more comfortable in the smaller size.  They’re roomy and flexible (the 9.5s would have stretched out a bit too much) and though they have a 3.75″ heel, they’ve also got a hidden 1″ platform, so they aren’t hard on the balls of your feet.  Plus, LOTS of cushioning.  I bought them so I could wear them to various holiday functions and see if I like them enough to buy a different color for my wedding shoes….I’m thinking that these light gray ones will be perfect:

Here’s to hoping they’ll go on sale sometime!!!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Old Navy to stock up on basics and ended up with two pullover sweaters (I’m putting elbow patches on one!) a cardigan, three long-sleeved tees, and 7 tanks/camisoles.  Most of the clothes were in gray, brown, or black, but I picked out an intense magenta lace camisole, a teal tank, and an ultramarine henley.  I’m really happy with my haul, and beyond happy that EVERYTHING was on sale.  I wouldn’t mind picking up a few more of each, plus a gingham flannel button-down.  Old Navy gift cards might be a very good gift idea…..

My last bit of wardrobe news is one that I find pretty cool.  About two years ago, I had a dress I bought at Target – a gorgeous mustard yellow sundress with a pin-tucked bodice.  I wore it to a friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner and someone spilled red wine down the back of the skirt.  Ugh.  It was heartbreaking, but I vowed I’d have another yellow dress (which I do now), and dyed the dress an intense crimson, and then never wore it again.  I tried it on at some point last year and to my dismay, it didn’t fit.  I kept it in my closet until last night, when I was trying to make room for my new dresses, so I tried it on.  Well, it’s staying in the closet because it fits again.


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