Midwinter update

I know, I’ve been remiss in posting lately.  I think it’s been over a month.  The good news is that we’ve really geared up on working on wedding projects!  Matt’s been fantastic:  he’s been supportive and decisive and all-together awesome.  Giving the start date of “all-wedding-all-the-time” so far in advance really allowed him to prepare to be working on the wedding.

We’ve done a lot toward the wedding this month:

  • Finalized plans for decorations (Including table setting, inside decorations, outside decorations, etc)
  • Purchased Matt’s new glasses (special for the wedding! – this was a big surprise. It took Matt about 20 minutes total to get these, whereas the last time he got new glasses it took 3 months of looking!)
  • Purchased supplies for, and started work on, the invitations (this includes: cover stock, paper stock, binding twine, designing the whole suite, equipment for the ultimately discarded stamp embossing, the newly-approved custom punch embosser, ordering RSVP postcards, envelopes, 5 kinds of stickers/labels, a heart-shaped hole punch, and a scoring board.)
  • Purchased a hot-smoker for the smoked salmon we’ll serve at the reception
  • Checked out chest freezers and vacuum sealers
  • Picked out and ordered our rings!
  • Purchased dress form, 40 yards of fabric, and shoes for the bridal outfit
  • Have been choosing music for the various parts of the celebration
  • Bought some new luggage (a rolling carry-on for me, a computer/camera backpack for Matt)
  • Registered at Target, Williams-Sonoma, and Fishs Eddy
  • Secured a makeup artist for me, day of (the lovely Brigette Heckard)
  • And managed to file our taxes!  Matt’s buying himself a new zoom lens with his return, and I’m using mine as spending money on my NYC trip in March!

The holidays brought Christmas money and post-holiday sales, so I added a couple of items to my wardrobe:


Eddie Bauer Red Tweed Shawl-Collar Cardigan
Asos Wool Hooded Military Cape in Khaki

The sweater is really thick wool, and very warm.  The cape is just fun, and really quite high quality without being too heavy.  Though it’s been quite sunny in Seattle this week (in that weird February rain-respite we tend to get), it’s been cold, and both items have come in handy!

There was a bit of a debacle with my red Hunter adjustable wellies…..My friend, who’d offered to be my UK proxy, ordered the boots back in early December.  He was going to bring them to me when he came back to the states for a visit, but since the UK had such horrible snow, they were delayed.  He flew home before they were delivered, I paid him in cash during the visit, and someone at his flat house signed for them while he was stateside.  At some point, they disappeared.  My friend tried to track them down when he got back, but it seems someone stole them.  He has since moved back to the US, and will be moving to San Francisco in March.  So he’s been trying to get a refund for me, but it’s been a little obnoxious dealing with customer service – don’t try using Welly Warehouse in future.  Hopefully I’ll get a refund soon.

In the meantime, I still really needed decent wellies.  Both for birding trips in wetlands, and possible snow/rain when we’re back east in a month. I managed to track down a company in the UK – Country Attire Ltd. – that not only had the boots for around what I originally paid, but they also offer FREE international shipping.  Why, oh why, did this company not come up during my epic search for the perfect wellies?  Ugh.  Oh well.  I bought the boots, they’re already on their way to me, and should arrive any day now.

Yay boots!

Stay tuned for new adventures in hula hooping next week!


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