30/30, revised

I’ve been occasionally checking my 30 things to do before I turn 30 post, and realizing that some of them are going to be really hard to cross off.  I’m revising my original list here, as I think of new items, because all of the old items that said “do this once a week” or “try to do this every day” are not huge goals – they’re more little things that I should learn how to do before I’m officially in lower middle-age.

Hopefully this list will be more fun to cross items from! It’s a work in progress.

1. Get married (and all of the projects that go with that…)

2. Blow glass
3. Learn to embroider
4. Try raw oysters  Done! I tried a few at Balthazar in NYC with Preston, Asa and Ylva. Pretty good, actually!
5. Visit Prince Edward Island
6. Eat mussels  Done!  I tried Penn Cove Mussells on 4/16/11 at the Useless Bay Cafe in Langley, WA.  They were awesome, served with crusty bread and a creamy poblano/cilantro sauce.
7. Get a promotion at work
8. Get a new tattoo
9. Sew a dress
10. Read the Stig Larsson trilogy (One down, 2 to go!)
11. Post at least 5 items in my Etsy store.
12. Identify at least 100 different species (total) of birds on various birding trips (I’m up to 64!)
13. Learn how to make herbal tea from my homegrown herbs.
14. Visit New York City Done!  I visited from 3/16-3/21!
15. Start collecting glass art We’re test-driving our first Sonja Blomdahl vessel, making room for some April Surgent wall panels, and starting work on the project that will get us a piece of Preston Singletary!
16. Organize and downsize junk in the craft room
17. Organize and downsize junk in the pantry It’s getting there…
18. Start saving in an IRA
19. Visit Montreal
20. Learn enough basic French to feel comfortable in Montreal
21. Store printed photos in a meaningful way
22. Take Matt out to eat at Giacomo’s in Boston, on my birthday
23.  Apply for a business license

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