Tomboy Style questionnaire

This morning I was introduced to a blog called Tomboy Style.  This is the fashion blog I’ve been waiting for!  It’s precisely my style, attitude, and I love the questionnaires they post to stylish tomboys.  To help me get back into blogging post-wedding, I’m going to answer my own:

Ginger lives in Seattle, runs the business for a glass artist, and knows her way around a wood shop as well as she does Photoshop.

If not in Seattle, I would live in…a big old house in Denmark, with a terrace overlooking fields and the North Sea in the distance.  I’d have a huge garden and a workshop to make furniture in, and the largest room in the house would be the kitchen, where we would sit around a giant rough-hewn table with 20 of our friends over dinner every week.

My dream holiday would be to…fly to Boston, drive up to Vermont for a wedding with hot air balloon rides, drive to Montreal and stay in a chic modern apartment for a week, drive to Prince Edward Island and stay in a beach cabin for a week while exploring the island, bridwatching, and buying wool blankets, then meander down the Bay of Fundy on our way back to Boston for dinner at Giacomo’s on my 30th birthday and a big BBQ in my husband’s parents’ back yard.  And I get to do all of this in about 2 weeks!

My current obsessions are…craft distilling, bespoke clothing, birdwatching, quinces, manual therapy, the Gucci Fall 2011 line, nail enamel, foresty green things.

I channel my childhood self when I…sing Cat Stevens songs and lay in the grass at night in the summer.

The fictional character I most relate to is…Claire Randall Fraser from the Outlander series.  I feel like over the last 4 years, since meeting my new husband, I was taken out of a fairly mundane existence and dropped into something totally different, and that going with it with patience and trust has been the best thing for me.

If I had to be outdoors all day I would…forage in the woods for chanterelles and huckleberries, build a campfire to sit around with friends, and sleep under the stars.

My favorite quality in a man is…patience.

My favorite quality in a woman is…honesty.

I’m terrified of…flesh-eating bacteria and similar (MRSA, brown recluse bites, etc).

My dream car is a…vintage Volvo 1800 (eggshell exterior, red interior), a shiny black  El Camino, or a Ford Transit Connect (lots of cargo space to move furniture!).

My cocktail of choice is…Maker’s Mark and ginger ale.  Simple, but it never disappoints.

My celebrity girl crush is…Drew Barrymore.  Oddly enough.  I’m really impressed by the way she has matured.

My friends and I like to…make things – whether it’s music, art, food, drink, etc.  I’m so ridiculously proud to have such creative friends.

If I could go back in time for one decade it would be…1890s Paris, when electricity gave the city a true night life, when artists and absinthe abounded.  I would have been a street photographer and worn House of Worth gowns at parties, and quite possible have dies of something romantic, like consumption.

As a teenager I was totally into…absorbing all the pop culture I could get my hands on, mostly through reading Vogue or Vanity Fair.  I was afraid of growing up sheltered by a small town life, and longed to have a mind able to join in any conversation, whether it was on the subway in New York or at a lavish party on Lake Como.

I tend to splurge on…magazines, good quality shoes, chocolate, and fabric.

Being feminine while also being fully capable of using power tools…is what makes me have Tomboy Style. 


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