Things done

  • Doily-embroidery hoop spider web COMPLETED 10/17/10
  • Blue sofa: finish nailhead trim, right arm front panel COMPLETED 10/16/10
  • Overdye duvet cover COMPLETED 11/13/10
  • Sideboard: paint hardware COMPLETED 10/17/10, and reassemble (including back board) COMPLETED 10/20/10
  • Finish sewing caftan/bathrobe
  • Finish sewing drapes for dresser/shelves to hide stacks of clothing COMPLETED 10/23/10
  • Finish map decoupage on mini-side tables in living room COMPLETED 10/16/10, paint edges, repaint legs so as not to clash COMPLETED 10/17/10
  • Paint the front door (it’s chipped and scratched) COMPLETED 10/20/10
  • Make new clock for bathroom out of thrift-store silver plate (from my collection) COMPLETED 10/20/10
  • Hang stained glass lanterns in new locations in house COMPLETED 10/17/10
  • Replace circus-striped bathroom rugs with some that don’t hurt my eyes in the morning COMPLETED 10/22/10
  • Replace hair-dye-stained yellow shower curtain (make? ikea fabric?) COMPLETED 10/23/10
  • Replace plastic tension rod shower organizer with stainless steel  COMPLETED
  • Buy bird feeder(s) and install in yard opposite window so Arthur the cat can watch birds COMPLETED 10/17/10
  • Re-string African beaded bracelet/choker into longer necklace COMPLETED 10/7/2010 – I’ve been getting lots of compliments on it =)
  • Paint the legs of our cell recharging table in bedroom (orange!) and clear-coat the wooden tabletop COMPLETED 10/17/10
  • “Planted” black curly branches in empty tomato pots and decorated them with glittery spiders for Halloween COMPLETED 10/22/10
  • Dye white Lands’ End dresses – gray and yellow COMPLETED 11/13/10 



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